Partnership with us (Reseller Plan)

For being a reseller you should know about it and figure it out how to start your own business. A reseller is someone who has some credits to sell iptv account to others under his own brand name or our barand name . (its up to you) So, why reseller needs to have some credits ? it is because of getting too much discount from our services and when he sells the IPTV, He earns more than 60 % benefit.For making this more clearly and easy to undrestand I open up an example :
The clients buy IPTV service for 1 month in €10 EURO but you buy 1 month 3 credits (€6.00 EURO) from us, and sell it €10 EURO or as you wish (good benefit).

so you earn 4 Eur in every subscribtion which you sell it for 1 Month.

Another example:

if a client buy 1-Year IPTV service from our website he is supposed to pay €35 EURO During Offer , but you just buy 20 credits (€20.00 EURO) for 12 months from us, And you sell €35 EURO or as you wish (good benefit)
so you earn 15 Eur in every subscribtion which you sell it for 1 Year, ofcourse if you like to sell it with more than 35 Eur , this will be belong to you to can earn more .

Now how you can start to be a reseller?
Answer: You should have at least €250.00 EURO to start your own business.

So, lets start !




1 month = 6 credit (6 euro)
3 months = 9 credit (9 euro)
6 months = 15 credit (15 euro)
12 months = 20 credit (20 euro)

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