Partnership with us (Reseller Plan)

For being a reseller you should know about it and figure it out how to start your own business. A reseller is someone who has some credits to sell iptv account to others under his own brand name or our barand name. (its up to you)So, why reseller needs to have some credits? it is because of getting too much discount from our services and when he sells the IPTV, He earns more than 60% benefit.For making this more clearly and easy to undrestand I open up an example :
The clients buy IPTV service for 1 month in €10 EURO but you buy 1 month 3 credits (€6.00 EURO) from us, and sell it €10 EURO or as you wish (good benefit).

so you earn 4 Eur in every subscribtion which you sell it for 1 Month.

Another example:

if a client buy 1-Year IPTV service from our website he is supposed to pay €60 EURO, but you just buy 25 credits (€25.00 EURO) for 12 months from us, And you sell €60 EURO or as you wish (good benefit)
so you earn 35 Eur in every subscribtion which you sell it for 1 Year.

Now how you can start to be a reseller?
Answer: You should have at least €250.00 EURO to start your own business.

So, lets start !





1 month = 6 credit (6 euro)
3 months = 9 credit (9 euro)
6 months = 15 credit (15 euro)
12 months = 25 credit (25 euro)

  • € 1000 = 1150 Credits

    ADD 1150 CREDITS

    15% Extra

    online Support 24/7
  • € 2000 = 2400 Credits

    ADD 2400 CREDITS

    20% Extra

    online Support 24/7